Our History

Tipton County was first settled in 1822. By 1830 it became sufficiently populated and industrialized, preparing the way for the first preacher, Dr. B.F. Hall, who pioneered the Restoration Movement in Covington.

He held camp meetings and practiced medicine to support himself. Peyton Smith, who was a student of Dr. B.F. Hall, preached at the home of J.W. Jeffreys of Covington on May 7, 1834. About 20 brethren in attendance, who desired to keep God's commandments, partook of the Lord's Supper and thereby established the church of Christ in Covington, Tennessee. Three months later the church was meeting at the courthouse and consisted of 28 members.

By October of 1834, the church was meeting in members' homes and in the old jail on the corner of Munford and Washington Streets. The first elders of the church in Covington were Peyton Smith and A.P. Smith.

In a letter to the Gospel Advocate in 1866, T.R. Richardson of Covington wrote, "The congregation is in a healthy condition and doing well owing to the fact that we kept up our regular meetings during the civil war and still continue to do so."

In 1876, according to Goodspeed's History of Tennessee, "the Christians erected a frame church in Covington." The "building" was at the end of Shelton Street and was on two acres with a cemetery. During the early 1880's there was a church decline due to the Murphy and Goodman families moving out of the area and a lack of preaching throughout West Tennessee.

In 1889 when the Murphy family returned to Covington, the church was revived and R.C. Goodman bought the Catholic church building on West Liberty. The property included a cemetery and cost $500.

In 1921 the congregation bought the Presbyterian building on the corner of Munford and Pleasant for $2500. The trustees and elders were N.H. Murphy, G.W. Harvey, William Fyfe, Bryant Phillips and J.D. Montgomery. A year later the building on West Liberty was sold to W.F. Bringle for $1000.

As the building became crowded, in January of 1965, $1000 was deposited into a new building fund. By April of that year, Ross Faught, John Dickey, Jack Hall, H.D. Gordon, and J.H. Gardner had purchased 4.6 acres on Highway 51 South for $10,000. The Construction of a new building was soon underway. The last service in the old building was on Sunday morning December 18, 1966, when brother Max Miller gave a sermon called "Cleaning Out the Closets."

That evening in the new building he preached, "Let Us Rise Up and Build." Ben Petree led the first prayer, H.D. Gordon spoke shortly and Roland Vandevelde had the closing prayer. The song service was led by David Jamieson and included the selections of "The Church's One Foundation," "Anywhere With Jesus,""Hark! The Gentle Voice," and "God is Calling the Prodigal."

The first Sunday morning service was on December 25, 1966. Ernest Watkins, Jimmy McMahan, and Grady Miller served on the Lord's table. The elders were H.D. Gordon and J.H. Gardner, and the deacons were Ivan Stephenson and Roland Vandevelde.

In 1982 four classrooms were added to the south end of the building, and in 1992, again on the south end, there was the major addition of a fellowship hall with a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a supply closet.

In 2004, three new multipurpose rooms were added adjacent to the fellowship hall. These rooms can be used as classrooms or additional space for the fellowship area when needed. Two existing restrooms were modified for handicap access. In addition, the auditorium, foyer and hallways were completely renovated.

Even today, the Covington church of Christ continues to grow and challenge the limits of its building. However, we are happy to announce that in God's glory we will proceed with building a new 15,000 sq ft auditorium, which includes class space, in 2018 with a 9 month construction timeline. You will see it to the North of our existing building. Come join and grow with us.