Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Summer Series 2021

June 2  What is Prayer? 

Dave Phillips - Germantown Church of Christ - Germantown, TN

This lesson will serve as an introductory lesson to describe what prayer is. For example, the basic idea of prayer is talking to God. Yet, it involves our petitions, our supplications, and our thanksgiving.

June 16  When to Pray?

Jacob Evans - Pulaski Street Church of Christ - Lawrenceburg, TN

This lesson will discuss the meaning of 1 Thess. 5:17, et al

June 23  Who Can Pray?

David South - Woodland Hills Church of Christ - Cordova, TN

This lesson will compare and discuss the meaning of John 9:31; Acts 10; James 5:15, 16.

July 7  Can Prayer Save Me?

Justin Rogers - Broad Street Church of Christ - Lexington, TN

This lesson will address the so-called “sinner’s prayer” as well as how prayer is a part of salvation.

July 14  Why doesn’t God Answer Me?

Don Blackwell - GBN

This lesson will show biblical hindrances to prayers. There may be some overlap with the lesson “When to Pray.” But this lesson will be more practical and personal.

July 21  What Should I Pray For?

Michael Wyatt - Covington Church of Christ - Covington, TN

This lesson will show Scriptural examples of prayers and make practical application.

August 4  The Spirit and Prayer
Mitchell Rogers - Bolivar Church of Christ - Bolivar, TN

This lesson will discuss Romans 8:26-27

August 11  Fasting and Prayer

Mike Hixson - Olive Branch Church of Christ - Olive Branch, MS

This lesson will discuss fasting as it is associated with prayer and any benefit it may have even today.

August 18  Teach Us to Pray

Sam Jones - East Jackson Church of Christ - Jackson, TN

This will be a summary lesson that shows reverence, faith, and persistence in prayer.